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The Top Ecommerce Features that Will Get Your Store Noticed

There are many ecommerce features which can turn your store into a buzzworthy one. These features are the ones that help you get new customers and also keep your existing users engaged. From great user experience to dynamic ads and more, these 8 ecommerce trends, tips, and updates will allow you to differentiate from other online stores out there.

The Top Ecommerce Features that Will Get Your Store Noticed


eCommerce technology is evolving fast. Trends in eCommerce software are changing just as much. Business models, strategies, and marketplaces are interacting and adapting on a daily basis. Luckily for marketers you're reading an article that's helping to keep you up-to-date on everything important in eCommerce marketing.

Automated Order Fulfillment

Ecommerce technology is never a stagnant marketplace. There are always exciting new developments that can help you grow your business, especially because you are creating innovative ways to improve ecommerce. Growth in ecommerce creates growth possibilities for the companies that develop ecommerce features. This is an emerging trend in the way that products and services are marketed and offered to customers.

Mobile Responsiveness

 As the internet continues to grow, more and more customers are beginning to shift their attention to mobile devices. This has led to numerous online retailers increasing their efforts towards creating an optimal online shopping experience for their mobile shoppers. Companies such as Amazon now have mobile-friendly versions of their websites for many of their products. 

Although most of these advantages may not be new for you, below we've compiled a list of the top ecommerce features that those in the industry are suggesting you should be implementing in order to “keep up with the Joneses”. 

Product Videos

Ecommerce technology is constantly changing and evolving, which is why we created this quick and to-the-point video. We'll break down the top ecommerce technologies to watch out for in 2015, from real-time customer feedback and sharing features, to open platforms and better mobile shopping experiences.

Product Filtering and Sorting

What's hot in ecommerce features? As the ecommerce industry continues to grow, technology keeps coming up with new and innovative features. Product filtering is an extension to recommendations that allows customers to narrow down their product choices to what they are looking for. This article will provide an overview of product filtering, how it works and how to get started with it in your ecommerce store.

Protecting Customer Data

It's an ever-evolving and sometimes confusing market: ecommerce. The markets just keep on growing and with them the incredible complexity and diversity of ecommerce platforms and solutions. If you're looking for any kind of data about ecommerce including the growth, technologies, trends, marketing methods, payment platforms, plugins, apps etc. you probably would have heard that Google presents reams of information on the matter. On the other hand, what exactly is important to know? And how use this data to make data-driven decisions to help your business grow?

Facilitating Customer Engagement

An ecommerce website isn't much these days without the right ecommerce technology in place. But not all online stores are employing similar tools and strategies to stay ahead of the pack. There's a lot of ecommerce technology out there but some is definitely better than others in terms of its ability to engage customers or help businesses grow. That's where we come in. Here at The eCommerce 901, you'll find a collection of trends and insights that can help you choose the best ecommerce features and technologies for your business.

Providing Interactivity

The ecommerce industry is growing at an incredible rate, but not every site is created equal. There are several factors that contribute to the success of an ecommerce business. If you're looking for guidance in the ecommerce world, this is the article for you. Not sure if you should be creating a new website? Wondering what latest technology can help your online store? If so, read on so we can help you out!

Ecommerce features help keep customers safe and engaged, whether they’re buying from a computer or a mobile device

Sure, ecommerce features help your bottom line by increasing sales. But they also make a difference in the way your customers feel about your brand and how much they love using your website.

For example, the right ecommerce technology can make the difference between a customer who feels safe enough to buy from you and one who leaves without making a purchase. It can also reassure customers that they’re getting a good deal on their purchase or getting the best products available.

Ecommerce features that keep customers engaged help make sure they come back for more, too—because it makes shopping with you an enjoyable experience.

Let’s talk about some of the top ecommerce features out there so you can decide which ones are right for you.

We've just touched on a few of the most popular ecommerce features and what makes them unique. But there are many more features out there, so it's clear that you can't have everything--you have to prioritize your needs based on what you're selling, who your customers are, and other factors. With this information, hopefully your own path toward implementing the best e-commerce features for your business is a bit clearer.